ISO 22000.2018

ISO 22000.2018

00000 EGP

Food Safety Management System ISO 22000


The set of international specifications ISO 22000 , issued by the International Organization for Standardization ISO, in 2005 is the result of a series of developments and the accumulation of experience owing to the application of the recommendations of the Codex Almntarius Codex Commission issued in 1993 and known as the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point .ie “risk analysis and points of critical control “in short, HACCP, which have been used over the years prior to the issuance of this specifications by ISO organization, and is concerned with this group of technical specifications, Committee ISO / TC 34 in the International Organization working Group 17 of it.

The standard  focuses control procedures to be implemented to confirm the presence of operations which can meet the requirements of the client and legislative requirements for food safety, and apply this standard to the organizations that are involved directly or indirectly in one or more of the steps in the food chain, and that regardless of the size or complexity Organization.

ISO 22000.2018 is the Food safety Management System international Standard Standard  where your organization seeks to implement and maintain a management system  to control food  safety hazards , risks and meet regulatory requirements , ISO 22000.2018 is the latest version of ISO 22000 series  , the standard ask for managing your organization food hazards and risks and emphases on the implementation of HACCP principles and the compliance with laws ad regulations regarding food safety .

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