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Dear Customers  ,

Welcome to ABC Certification ...
ABC Certification is a Conformity Assessment , independent, impartial, and competent management system certification body deivering management Systems certificaiton services to all our clients.
We are striving to:
- Meet client needs and exceed client expectations.
- Respond quickly and wisely to rapid changes in the business environment and changing client needs.
- Comply with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.
We understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out our management system certification activities, manage conflict of interest and ensure the objectivity of our management system certification activities.
We Promise to WORK HARD TO Achieve your expectations at all times .
Mohamed Moustafa & Omar Gouda 


د/ عمر جودة - الرئيس التنفيذي

مرحبا بكم فى ايه بي سي للتدريب و منح الشهادات الدولية

المجلس الوطنى للاعتماد إيجاك

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مرحبا بكم فى ايه بي سي للتدريب و منح الشهادات الدولية
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مهمة ABC CERTIFICATION هي مشاركة عملائنا الطريق نحو التميز ، وخلق القيمة معًا ، وتوفير أفضل ثقة وأكثرها ملاءمة لنظام إدارة العملاء.

هناك حقيقة مثبتة منذ زمن طويل وهي أن المحتوى المقروء لصفحة ما سيلهي القارئ عن التركيز على الشكل الخارجي للنص أو شكل توضع الفقرات في الصفحة التي يقرأها. ولذلك يتم استخدام طريقة لوريم إيبسوم لأنها تعطي توزيعاَ طبيعياَ -إلى حد ما- للأحرف عوضاً عن استخدام "هنا يوجد محتوى نصي، هنا يوجد محتوى نصي" فتجعلها تبدو (أي الأحرف) وكأنها نص مقروء. العديد من برامح النشر المكتبي وبرامح تحرير صفحات الويب تستخدم لوريم إيبسوم بشكل إفتراضي كنموذج عن النص، وإذا قمت بإدخال "lorem ipsum" في أي محرك بحث ستظهر العديد من المواقع الحديثة العهد في نتائج البحث. على مدى السنين ظهرت نسخ جديدة ومختلفة من نص لوريم إيبسوم، أحياناً عن طريق الصدفة، وأحياناً عن عمد كإدخال بعض العبارات الفكاهية إليها.

خلافاَ للإعتقاد السائد فإن لوريم إيبسوم ليس نصاَ عشوائياً، بل إن له جذور في الأدب اللاتيني الكلاسيكي منذ العام 45 قبل الميلاد، مما يجعله أكثر من 2000 عام في القدم. قام البروفيسور "ريتشارد ماك لينتوك" (Richard McClintock) وهو بروفيسور اللغة اللاتينية في جامعة هامبدن-سيدني في فيرجينيا بالبحث عن أصول كلمة لاتينية غامضة في نص لوريم إيبسوم وهي "consectetur"، وخلال تتبعه لهذه الكلمة في الأدب اللاتيني اكتشف المصدر الغير قابل للشك. فلقد اتضح أن كلمات نص لوريم إيبسوم تأتي من الأقسام 1.10.32 و 1.10.33 من كتاب "حول أقاصي الخير والشر" (de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum) للمفكر شيشيرون (Cicero) والذي كتبه في عام 45 قبل الميلاد. هذا الكتاب هو بمثابة مقالة علمية مطولة في نظرية الأخلاق، وكان له شعبية كبيرة في عصر النهضة. السطر الأول من لوريم إيبسوم "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.." يأتي من سطر في القسم 1.20.32 من هذا الكتاب.

نحوذ علي ثقة أكثر من 1200+ عميل

لدينا موظفين مؤهلين تأهيلاً كاملاً ومدربين جيدًا، كما ان لدينا عملية دعم للعملاء فعالة للغاية ومتحمسة لخدمتكم دائما.

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تدريباتنا القادمة

50001:2018 Lead Auditor

من تاريخ : 24.07.22

إلى تاريخ : 28.07.22

Integrated Management System

من تاريخ : 09.06.22

إلى تاريخ : 11.06.22

ISO 45001 Auditor/Lead Auditor course certified

من تاريخ : 01.07.22

إلى تاريخ : 05.07.22

ISO 22000 Auditor/Lead Auditor course certified

من تاريخ : 25.05.22

إلى تاريخ : 29.05.22

QMS ISO 9001.2015 Lead Auditor

من تاريخ : 07.05.22

إلى تاريخ : 10.05.22

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ما الذي يجعلنا مختلفين

How can I verify the authenticity of a certification issued by a perfect certification body

You can verify the authenticity of a certification by checking the certification body's accreditation status on the accreditation body towebsite , Additionally, you can chaeck the certificate status on the certification body website .

Why ABC Certification ?

ABC Certification is always a perfect choice because we always strive to understand your demands and work hard to achieve them , we also feel our commitment towards our customers and that we are responsible to do our work with most acceptable quality and in good time and distinguished cost .

Can a company switch between certification bodies?

Yes, it can. This usually happens when an organisation becomes dissatisfied with the service provided by a certification or the fee it charges. Perhaps the quality of the audits or auditors is not as would be expected, additional ‘extra’ fees are being added to invoices, or the certificate does not display a valid accreditation mark? For companies wishing to enter international markets or win an important client, an accreditation mark, such as EGAC, can play a crucial role.

Tell me more about Accreditation Bodies.

The world’s Accreditation Bodies are those bodies who are offiailly formulated by thier govornments , together they created an international forum in Australia with the name if International accreditation forum IAF  , they signed together an agreement to allow each other to work internarionally with no obsticles , this agreement calles the multilateral agreement .
that mean any accrediation body who is member in IAF can issue ISO certificates in any country who is member in the MLA in IAF with no any kind of problems .

ABC Certification is Accredited by EGAC in Egypt , EGAC full member in IAF and signed the MLA at IAF .

How does accreditation affect the issued certificate?

It gives value and credence to the certification. An accredited certificate is usually the only type accepted in tenders for new business.

What is accreditation or certification?

Accreditation is the approved recognition of a certification body to perform certifications against different standards. Every country has its own regulated accreditation body. These bodies issue accreditations to certification bodies such as URS Certification. Accreditation is achieved by demonstrating prescribed controls and systems are in place. These requirements are also defined by international standards (for systems certification this is ISO 17021).

Once accredited, certification bodies can offer accredited certification against standards such as ISO 9001 to any organisation that receives a successful audit.

What is ISO?

ISO is an abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization based in Geneva. This organisation issues international standards called ISO.

Who can issue the ISO certificate?

Certificates for a limited time period, usually for three years, are issued by an accredited certification body. In order to keep the certificate valid, a periodic audit is performed, typically once a year. If fundamental deviations from the standard requirements are discovered, the extreme measure of the certificate withdrawal can be applied. This is a very rare, exceptional and unpleasant situation. Therefore, when a company decides to implement and follow an ISO standard, it is a voluntary commitment to continuous improvement and development, which is worth the company’s effort.

Why is ISO certified?


The certificate documents compliance of a management system implemented in the company with requirements of a particular ISO standard.
Most common motivation for ISO implementation and certification:
  • acquiring greater market share through the competitive advantage of a better image
  • often, it is a prerequisite for winning an important customer
  • competitors have a certificate, using it as a competitive advantage
  • a prerequisite for public contracts
  • ensuring verifiable legal compliance
  • making implementation and system processes in the company more transparent and stabilized
  • reducing the need of operative interventions and problem solving
  • defining responsibilities and competencies within the company
  • preventing damages and financial losses
  • increasing the companys value

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